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INDUSTRY FAVOURITE – the Bandit 12XP chipper!

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Tree care professionals, contractors and arborists seeking a compact-yet-powerful 12” capacity drum chipper aspire to an industry favourite, the Bandit 12XP. The model is built to perform and can handle large forked branches with ease thanks to its impressive large 24” diameter chipping drum. The chipping drum features 4 knives that are mounted at 90-degree intervals, these provide a smooth chipping action and reduce overall vibration of the machine.

Bandit chippers are easier to feed, so you will be more productive during the day. Bandit’s unique Slide Box feed system and powerful 17” x 7.5” dual horizontal feed rollers crush and compress material, easily guiding it to the drum.

Bandit is known throughout the industry for packing trailers fuller, reducing the number of trips to the dump site. Bandit chippers feature smooth discharge transitions which eliminate restrictions and deep knife pockets which propel chips with tremendous force.

The most common maintenance items are easy to access on Bandit chippers, so daily maintenance is quick and simple. Double sided bolt-in knives are easy to change through the drum access hood, and all service areas are conveniently located, including all grease points.

The 12XP drum turns at a lower RPM with greater torque compared to other competitors, and the synchronized feed system never underfeeds or forces material against the drum thanks to the Bandit Autofeed system. The result is a more efficiently fed chipper that reduces idle time and translates to fuel savings of up to 30 percent.

The Bandit 12XP is available as a road tow machine, or as a radio controlled tracked machine.

Built using the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction, the 12XP will outperform and outlast all other 12” capacity drum chippers on the market.

If you would like to know more about the 12XP or any of the Bandit range, contact our Sales office on +44 (0)1476 568384.